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Working at SpronQ

  • Are you looking for a new job?

    Do you like to create digital solutions? Does playing and sharing together appeal to you? Are you looking for a long-term cooperation with a lot of variety in your work?

  • Is there a cultural match?

    SpronQ is looking for people who fit in with our culture. We want to get to know you first and introduce you to a number of colleagues. For this we organise several meetings with enough space and time and a peaceful atmosphere to discover if we see a future together.

  • Are you ready for self-organization?

    For our organisation we use a unique governance model inspired by holacracy and focussing on flow with our own pragmatic influence on it. In this way we support self-management and entrepreneurship.

  • Do you want to be sure you can do your work in an excellent way?

    We make sure that you can do your work in an excellent way. You can count on the best tools, machines and facilities.

I'm a


From idea...
There’s always a tension between what a customer wants - 'the idea'- and the solution -the 'IT'-. Is what the product owner asked the real problem, or is it better to ask 'why' five times? Let's do it differently! Is this the way your mind works?

... to IT
We build micro services. From the front end, mobile apps, system integrations, back end, firmware to the hardware: the user addresses all kinds of functionalities. These functionalities must of course work perfectly. We build human-centred applications in which a user works with data and with documents. He or she communicates with other people and other organisations by using these applications. Are you capable of building them?

Through Continuous Value Delivery...
We aim for IT that is scalable, secure and privacy-compliant. We work in conformity with continuous delivery and deploy IT in the Cloud, in complex virtualized infrastructures. Our IT is manageable and maintainable.

... using technology and tools
We use modern, open source technologies. Are you proficient in Java, Axon, Scala, Akka, node.js, ElasticSearch, html, css, Javascript, NextJS, React, Redux? We use Slack, GitHub, CircleCI, Docker, Kubernetes. We are always looking for better tools. Nothing is delivered without an automated test!

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We are goal-oriented and collaborate with ambitious brands and people based on co-creation, , transparency, performance and adaptability. Interested in an appointment?