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Working at SpronQ

  • Are you looking for a new job?

    Are you an all-round IT engineer and do you like to create digital solutions? Or do you have experience with designing and guiding a digital transformation? Do you have a high sense of justice, are you averse to hierarchy, are you socially involved, do you have an opinion about sustainability, make sense of happiness happier than capital, does playing and sharing together appeals to you, can make yourself a better person through selfrelfection and do you like to work actively on your personal development and health and are you looking for a long-term cooperation with a lot of variety in your work?

  • Is there a cultural match?

    SpronQ is looking for people who connect to our culture. We want to get to know you first and introduce you to a number of colleagues. For this we organise several meetings with enough space in time and a peace atmosphere to discover if we see a future together.

  • Are you ready for self-organization ...

    We are organized holacratic and in this way activate self-management and entrepreneurship. We work holacratic at our office, but also on location at our clients. First we organize our work, then we look at which roles the work can perform and if necessary we create a new role. We sit together with the entire organization to organize our work through a tactical and a governance meeting. We therefore do not work with functions, but our people fulfill multiple roles. Holacracy facilitates us in this.

  • Do you want to take care of each other?

    We make sure that you can do your work in an excellent way. You can count on the best tools, machines and facilities, public transport or car can be organized (but think about the environment). We share 25% of our profits with all employees. The economic capital of salable units (often SaaS-based concepts) also falls under the profit-sharing scheme.

I'm a


From idea...
There is a tension between requirements 'the idea' and the solution 'IT'. Is what the product owner askes the real problem or can I better ask 'why' five times? We intend to convert this complicated requirement into IT in this way. This means that we solve three problems with one service. They do not have much in common. Let's do it differently! Is this your thinking world?

...to IT
We build micro services. From the front end, the knowledge worker addresses all kinds of functionalities. Databases, document management systems, word processors. These functionalities must of course work perfectly. We build user interfaces for business applications and for Apps. User interfaces in which a knowledge worker works with data and with documents. He or she communicates with other people and other institutions from the user interface. We find it a challenge to get everything in order, to help the knowledge worker to keep track of what is happening in his file. Are you competent in this?

Through Continuous Deployment...
We aim for IT that is scalable, secure. We strive for continuous deployment. We place IT in the Cloud, in complex virtualized infrastructures. Our IT is manageable and manageable.

... using technology and tools
We use modern, open source technologies. Are you proficient in Java, Axon, Scala, Akka, node.js, Cafienne.io, Rules, ElasticSearch, html, css, Javascript and React / Redux? We use Slack, GitHub, Wercker, Vamp, Docker. We are always looking for better tools. Nothing goes wrong without an automated test!

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