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User Experience Designer

SpronQ is a company with a no-nonsense culture, where we value each other as professionals but also recognize the person behind the professional. Remote/hybrid work is integrated into our company culture at SpronQ. Our work environment promotes freedom and autonomy, with employees taking responsibility for their tasks and maintaining a collegial attitude. We are looking for professionals who embrace and enhance this culture.

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What you will be doing

SpronQ offers a variety of services for a wide range of internal and external clients. At SpronQ, you can work in one (or more) of the following ways:


We are an entrepreneurial and innovative group of people. We are the (co-) creators and developers of various initiatives, such as ArQiver (www.arqiver.com), MyClarityPal (https://myclaritypal.com) or apps like ClosetMatchR (https://closetmatchr.com), our latest collaboration. Together with the initiators of ClosetMatchR we want to change the way we buy our clothes.

Professional services

SpronQ has a history of taking on projects for external clients. An example of this is a (mobile-based) solution for the use and configuration of offline charging points for electric vehicles.
We provide consultancy work for A-level external clients based on your preference. Do you like to work in a specific branch or in specific environments? Together we set up a framework to find a project that aligns with what you need in your career right now. Our colleagues are working in a great variety of branches. Some are currently with a leading airline, and at a major package delivery company.

Here's where you recognize yourself

Eye for detail

You create seamless designs and have a strong eye for detail.


You can handle autonomy well and take responsibility for the quality of your work.


You are well aware of the psychological effect of your designs and you are a pro with Figma.

You probably have to offer way more than this so please let us know and please mention it in your motivation via the form on the top of the page.

Our Stack

For the digital projects we use Figma, so this is a must! Besides that it will be nice if you have some experience with Illustrator and Photoshop and it's important that you are open to learning new tech or tools.

Kim van Hoesel

Kim van Hoesel

Talent Acquisition


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