Technology connects

Technology connects

Technology is developing at lightning speed. IT increasingly connects everything and everyone in our society. The impact of smartphones and social media on our daily life is a good example. This affects our personal needs and our behavior.

Mostly we experience the influence of progressing technology to be convenient. A sense of belonging, ease of use, relevant information and support at any time. Sometimes we experience this influence as undesirable. Infringement of our privacy, lack of security, accessibility at undesirable moments, social numbness and stress.

Our mission

SpronQ is an IT company, a self-managing team of passionate and idiosyncratic professionals. Thinkers and doers who develop software to facilitate collaboration between people and organizations.

We love technology but do not lose sight of the user. IT should be tools. Tools that enable people to perform their work better, faster and more intuitively.

Our clients are profit and non-profit organizations. Our mission is to increase the job satisfaction of users with the help of business software to be developed together. This allows our customers to achieve their strategic intent with satisfied employees and happy customers.

From ideation to automation

From ideation to automation

Virtually every organization today is an IT company at its core. A downside to the rapid development of technology is the rapid aging of IT. Our method is managing the transience of IT. The result is a modern, sustainable and scalable IT environment.

You do not achieve this in the form of a one-off project. Creating modern and sustainable IT is a production process that - once started - does not stop anymore. Business and IT, together on a tandem and adjusting where necessary. This is what we do, in close cooperation with our customers.

Building Blocks

The creation of modern IT solutions requires a modern infrastructure, a state of the art continuous delivery (CD) street, an IT production process that starts and never stops, the latest Open Source technology and, above all, a long-term and fruitful collaboration with our partners and customers.

  • Modern IT

    Human centric , Artificial Intelligence (AI), browser (JavaScript), mobile, Open Source, Case Management, Event Sourcing, Microservices and everything cloud ready.

  • Power of design

    DDD (Domain Driven Design), MDD (Model Driven Development), TARI2 (Task, Activity, Rule, Integration & Information), Reactive Manifesto, Evolutionary Architecture, CMMN (Case Management Model & Notation) and we like to follow ToC (Theory of Constraints ).

  • Flow in production process

    Focus on output and thus result, quality and then costs, production follows From idea to IT, Vibe Delivery, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Kanban, Flow Based Development and here we also like ToC (Theory of Constraints).

  • Fruitful cooperation

    We strictly and exclusively focus on productivity, team dynamics, communication and trust. Where a healthy long-term relationship is an end in itself, for this we have developed a special tandem contract.


We work results driven on based on partnership, trust, transparency, productivity and adaptability. Interested in an appointment?