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Build your own Case Overview

op 26-04-2018 door Frans van Besouw in Cafienne

In earlier blogs we argued that a case engine decides on what should, could or must be done...

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More Case Modelling

op 29-01-2018 in Cafienne

I think an alluring aspect of CMMN is that we can model “information”, next to Plan Items. Associated to every case is a Case File that contains one or more Case File Items.

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How to model a case

op 28-11-2017 in Cafienne

This blog addresses the issue of modelling an IT-system that is capable of supporting a youth care organization; from now on we will call this organization YouthCare.

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Working with cases

op 08-11-2017 door Frans van Besouw in Cafienne

In the early ‘90s, I considered buying an Apple Macintosh... and was presented with Apple’s vision of the future...

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Grouping and monitoring our work

op 29-09-2017 in Cafienne

Stages and Event Listeners are hugely beneficial in our case models. Let's look at how they help us group related plan items and allow us to handle events that are not tied to any specific plan item.

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Achieving our goals

op 22-09-2017 door Han van Oostende in Cafienne

Achieving a goal in Cafienne is shown using a Milestone. In this post, we will look more in-depth at Milestones.

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Guarding our tasks

op 15-09-2017 door Han van Oostende in Cafienne

Progressing through tasks are key to actually completing a case. In this post, we will look at how we move from one task to the next using Sentries.

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A way to express our work

op 08-09-2017 door Han van Oostende in Cafienne

One of the great benefits of using Cafienne is that we can create a graphical representation of our process that helps us visualize a workflow.

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Organizing how we work using Cafienne

op 31-08-2017 in Cafienne

As a business grows, it is inevitable that its procedures on how work should be performed will need to be formalized. Cafienne is the software solution we are building to improve how work is organized.

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